When buying a vehicle, a mechanic is suddenly your best friend.

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Mechanic's Used Vehicle Inspection

Just Some of The Benefits of our Mobile Mechanic Services

112 Point Inspection

An extensive mechanical evaluation by a mechanic can help prevent buying a vehicle full of problems.

Recommend Service

The technician will recommend any services that need to be performed if you by the vehicle.

Overall True Value

You will get an accurate valuation of the vehicle based on its inspected condition and any issues found.

Private Consultation

The mechanic is your payed consultant.  This is an excellent alternative to taking the advise of the seller.

Affordable Rates

Our used vehicle inspections are very affordable and return a peace of mind if the mechanic saves you from a bad purchase. 

Helps in Negotiating

Having professional criticism to the value and condition of a vehicle often makes the seller aware of unknown issues, giving leverage for a better price..