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Monday, October 16 2017 @ 05:44 PM MDT

Poll Topic: Hiring a Mechanic

Question 1:What is the number one thing you look for when you hire a mechanic?

  •  Price Tag
  •  Mechanic Experience
  •  Online Reputation & Reviews
  •  Appearance / Quality / Cleanliness
  •  How they Speak to Me / Etiquette
  •  Other

Question 2:What is the number one turn-off?

  •  Greasy / Not Clean
  •  Price Gouge
  •  Late / Bad Timing
  •  Poor Communication
  •  Repair Not Satisfied / Misdiagnosis

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Hiring a Mechanic
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Hiring a Mechanic
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Hiring a Mechanic
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Hiring a Mechanic
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Hiring a Mechanic
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Hiring a Mechanic
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Hiring a Mechanic
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Hiring a Mechanic
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Hiring a Mechanic
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Hiring a Mechanic
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Hiring a Mechanic
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