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Tuesday, November 21 2017 @ 01:50 PM MST

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Buying a Used Vehicle? Read this First.

Mechanics Central Related NewsAre you about to jump out and go buy yourself a used vehicle? Two things happen with a used vehicle. You are either thrilled that you just got a good quality vehicle, significantly less expensive, and to you, it still seems new (as long as everything works fine)

The other side. You get somebody else's problems. After dealing with mechanics and repairs, your frustrated, don't feel like you've save any money, and now you suddenly see the light as to why so many people go and buy a new vehicle. Let us help you stay on the bonus side, of catching the good deal.
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Vehicle Engine Locked Up? Let's Hope This Isn't Why

Mechanics Central Related NewsThis is brutal - don't run water in your engine, EVER. This is a good rule of thumb even for the cooling system! Read more of this story , it's pretty funny...