Good How-To's for Changing Your Own Oil.  

Save Money by Changing Your Own Oil

We found these great guides around the internet that have the Mechanics Central stamp of approval.  In addition to these resources, please don't forgot to go through our uncommon wisdom section at the bottom of the page.  

How to change your own oil

WikiHow - To Change Your Oil

One of just a few of the great guides out there on there internet.  We always love WikiHow.

simple oil change how to

Short and Sweet How To

The Transmission Shop created a very wham bam article for the simple oil change.  This should suit most needs.

Changing your own oil

How To Change Your Motor Oil

The Art of Manliness has written a great guide that really makes you an oil expert.  Thanks again to these guys.

Uncommon Wisdom for Changing your Own Oil

For older engines, I always recommend a product called Lucas Oil Stabilizer.  This stuff is great for building a better seal in the piston rings, and prevents dry starts on the upper end of the engine.  Engines with lost compression see a genuine increase in compression when using a quart of this before putting in the rest of your oil.  I can say this from personal experience as well.

Also, auto part stores will sell rolls of tar paper.  They are large sheets you can put down to prevent any spilt oil from staining concrete anywhere.

Hopes this helps everybody.