Resources for the Everyday Driver

At Mechanics Central, we believe the more informed and educated our customers are, the easier it will be for our mechanics to help you out. Our business model is built on providing smarter and more efficient handling of auto repair issues. It only makes sense for us to keep our drivers educated.

Good To Know Auto Repair Information

Educated drivers make better decisions.  Enjoy this free resource to help better your understanding of basic auto mechanic concepts.

Everything you want your daughter to know before she goes off to college.

Whether its you or somebody you know, the better we understand what is going on when we do have an automotive problem, the better decision we can make as to what to do about it.  With basic tools, jumper cables, and maybe a ride to the store, a lot of simple issues do not require the assistance of a professional.  

Jump Starting Cables

Jump Starting Guides

This includes several guides and also uncommon wisdom for a good jump start.

Our resources will continue to be expanding.  If you have any requests for something that you would like to see that is not currently already up, Please Contact Mechanics Central

Safety and Roadside Assistance Tips

Mechanics Central always encourages we are all safe with our automobiles.  

- When operating an automobile, always obey the law and follow all warning and caution signs.
- When working under a vehicle, always secure the emergency brake, use jack stands, and wheel chucks.

- When handling an issue on the side of the road, always use caution cones, triangles, or a white cloth / shirt to alert drivers to use caution when passing.  If you have the battery power, also use your hazard lights.

- Always use gloves or a protective cloth (rag or shirt) when handling any vehicle component that is still hot.  

- Never exceed 50 mph when driving on a spare tire that is not full size.  Check tire pressure as well.

Use common sense and be extra safe.  The risk is never worth not being patient.