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We are mechanic experts.  These are the cleaning experts.  Thanks to the following links for all their contributions into the information world.  

Simple Wash Guide

Great quick read that makes understanding a basic car wash simple and to the point.  Great for those in a hurry.

Abundance of Guides

Thanks to Autopia Car Care, this is an information overload as far as detailing and cleaning your car. These guys cover almost everything. 

From the Professionals

This is from the interesting point of view from the professionals.  After all, we do expect them to do the best.  This is a great source of information.

Uncommon Wisdom from Mechanics Central

One of our biggest issues we see with cleaning older cars is stubborn windows with a nasty film.  Find old newspaper and crumble it up to and make sure you have lots of jagged edges and clean with a window cleaner.  Rotate around continuing to use fresh newspaper every time.  This seems to have much more impressive results than your standard rag or paper towel.  Hope This helps.